We Design

Friscohn, The British American Engineering Company, welcomes you to the world of Blow-Fill-Seal machines & tooling.

Friscohn has expertise in high end Blow-Fill-Seal Technology and serving the niche since 2005. The global Pharmaceutical Industry has appreciated our quality and support, over years. We are the only Private Label Blow-Fill-Seal tooling design & manufacturing Company for the top international Brands manufacturing the Blow-Fill-Seal machines as well as the prestigious Blow-Fill-Seal operators, worldwide.

We Modernize

  • Why to buy new machine and spend more??
  • Get your existing machine modernized LIKE NEW at 1/4th cost. Or we can supply you the completely Modernized machines.
  • Experience The Great British American High-Quality Performance.
  • Hi-tech features
  • Higher capacity
  • Old BFS machines complete cleaned down and modernized as new machine.
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Advance PLC & HMi
  • Complete new electricals
  • New mould set.
  • Increase in cavities.
  • Decrease in cycle time.
  • Multiplying production.
  • Eliminate all existing problems permanently.

We Engineer

  • One stop global market for Blow-Fill-Seal Technology
  • Automation & Programming
  • Moulds design, manufacturing and trouble shooting
  • Filling Head
  • Parison Head
  • All Blow-Fill-Seal Tooling design & manufacturing
  • BFS - Annual as well as routine Maintenance (AMC) for ROMMELAG, WEILER, BREVETTI ANGELA Blow-Fill-Seal Machines
  • Machine Audits, Maintenance, Operations and Training
  • Supply of high quality used BFS Machines at very viable budget options
  • High-end Pharmaceutical projects
  • Contract Manufacturing arrangements for your Pharmaceutical Products, worldwide
  • Private Label Blow-Fill-Seal Machines tooling design & manufacturing for top international Brands.

Mould & Spares Parts

Get the superior quality molds, spare parts, accessories etc. at highly competitive price.

We supply the genuine spares, sourced directly from the OEMs.

Small Fill Volume Large Fill Volume Materials
0.25ml to 60ml 50ml to 1000ml
Usage: Usage: Aluminum Bronze (AB2)
Unims IV Fluids Beryllium-Free Copper
Eye/Ear drops Injectables SS-304 for Back-Plate
Respules for inhalation Sterile Water for Dialysis
Injections Sterile Water for irrigation Plastic Granules
Uni-dose formats Liquid Packaging for Juices Basel - 3020D
Water for injection Liquid Packaging concentrates Bormed LE6607PH-Borealis
Ophthalmic Products Beverages Packaging Lotrène FE8000 – Qatar Petrochem
Lens Cleaning Solutions (30ml) Milk products packaging LG BB129 (Lupure)
Types Types Room Condition
Screw head Euro head Room Temp:23 °C (+/- 2°C) (not below 15 °C)
Twist-off head Nipple head Bormed LE6607PH-Borealis
Nipple head Twist-off head Cooling water temperature:max.12°C
Cassette Packaging Twist-off -cum- Screw head Voltage Variation: ± 10 %

Some of The Raw Materials We Work With :


  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steels (all grades)
  • Hastelloy
  • Aluminium
  • All grades of plastic
  • Brass
  • Aluminium Bronze

Are you worried about any of the below issue in your production line?

Sr. No. Production Problem Remedy
1 Leakages at Collar Contact us today.
2 Leakages at Bottle bottom
3 Leakage at sealing line
4 Bottle Formation
5 Higher Rejection (more than 5%)
6 Hanger cutting problem
7 Micro leakage from sealing line
8 Micro leakage from bottom vacuum hole
9 Bottle Deformation
10 Volume variation
11 Improper collar formation
12 Leakage from engraved matters
13 Improper head formation
14 Change the Vial size.
15 Change the Vial design
16 Increase production by adding more cavities to same mould.
17 Engraving your Company Name / Logo on the bottles bottom.
18 Train your technical Team on Operations and Maintenance.

World Wide Support

  • Blow-Fill-Seal Machine Manufacturers & Operators
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Marine
  • Automobiles Industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Zero-Tolerance policy
  • 100% success rate
  • Timely Delivery
  • Team of Award-Winning technocrats
  • Advanced software programs like Pro-e, Dell Cam for design
  • Equipped for customized designs and manufacturing
  • The world class PRECISION TOOL ROOM Facility
  • Rectification of the un-solved problems.
  • Wide user base ranging from international B-F-S machine Manufacturers & Pharmaceuticals.