We are not the consultants by books. We have years of experience of spoiling our hands at ground zero. Gained professionalism while working with MNCs. We have practical experience of setting up our very own Greenfield plants with own investments plus external financing. The complete production was outsourced to MNCs as contract manufacturing. Thus, safe hands are needed to take care of your business goals and investments.

We enjoy sharing our experience in Technical and Project Economics with the entrepreneurs, to deliver the project work within the financial budget and time.

Pre-Feasibility Study Financial Arrangement Procurement of materials & Capital equipments
Procurement of Land Construction work
Appointment of Purchase & Admin Executive Electrical, Boiler, Compressor, Cooling Tower & ETP installation
Appointment of plant head and engineering head Process equipment installation
Plat layout & Gove. approvals Process pipe installation
Water & elecrtical supply in place Cleanroom & HVAC installation
Detailed engineering : process capacity design Quality control lab setup
Construction work Document, SOPs, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ & master file

Training Trial & Testing Validation
Factory & product (Drug) approval license from FDA
Production sales arrangements
Procurement of raw material, packaging material, lables etc.
Commercial production start

Our experienced team of professionals understands the Project Economics and deliver.

  • Provide Pre-feasibility Study to ensure the project viability.
  • Design the project with suitable requirements
  • Consult on Equipment and Machinery for maximum returns with less spending.
  • Specialized in SVP (Small Volume Parenteral) and LVP (Large Volume Parenteral) projects.
  • Modification of Existing projects to BFS with Quality and best viable options.
  • Automation with robotics.
  • Complete Documentation like DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Work as per GMP, WHO, FDA guidelines in addition to local regulations.
  • On time Delivery.
  • Worldwide Consulting